Technological Advancements You Probably Didn’t Know About

Technology is very dynamic. Every day, new products with mind-boggling capabilities are being designed to help make life easier and more enjoyable. Some of this technological advancements might be too advanced that you might think they do not exist. I now present to you technological advancements you probably did not know about.

  1. Rotating Buildings

Think of this, living in a building that has each floor rotating at six meters every minute. You have a panoramic view of the outside in a 360-degree rotation. What is more, each level rotates independently from the others, meaning you can hop into a different floor whenever you want to get a closer view of something that passed your view while on a different storey.

  1. Brain-Controlled Computers

Ever imagined that there can be a computer that is controlled by your brainwaves? Well, scientists have now designed a computer that is run by the activity of your brainwaves. All you need to have is an implant inserted into your body, and you will be able to control the computer without using any mouse or a keyboard. Imagine what you can achieve through multitasking or even having to wake up and see what you were dreaming about at night!

  1. Self-powered Warm Clothing

Imagine of a cloth able to harness the energy you generate while walking and using the same to prevent you from freezing later on when it becomes cold. Well, this is now a reality. You do not have to carry along heavy clothes just because it might be cold in the afternoon. Just walk out in your self-heating T-shirt and pants, and you will feel more warmth than a jacket can provide.

Lunar Sleep Cover

There are those times when you cannot just find sleep. Worry no more since you can now get better sleep using lunar sleep cover. The smart cover can interpret your sleep cycle and regulate temperature in your bed to give you’re the perfect conditions for sleep.


Erascan is an eraser that keeps the memory of everything it has erased. You can thus maintain a record of your work without exhausting storage space in the gadget. What a fantastic device for use by teachers, students, scientists, and other people who have to keep records from the past.