Amazing Reasons for Disney- Overwatch Partnership you Should Know

To find out the reason why Disney partnered with the Overwatch League and what it means for E-sports, we will highlight the competitive advantages of each firm. Firstly, Overwatch Activision’s stock increased by 1.6% to $77.41 while that of

Disney rose by 1.1% to hit $107.21.

The partnership would enable games to be aired on many networks such as ESPN 2, ESPN, ABC, Disney XD, and through live streaming. Through the partnership, the Initial Season playoffs, Grand Finals, Overwatch League Season Two, and Overwatch World Cup would be aired live on television. Longtime viewers of ESPN and Disney would for the first time be able to watch professional Overwatch. New fans could become oriented to the Overwatch and E-sport Leagues thus creating a broader fan base for the Leagues across the globe. ESPN channels have ardent supporters which would make capturing them to watch Overwatch programs a big success.

The partnership was also aimed at helping the firms attain economies of scale through the collective use of infrastructure and joint investment. Overwatch customers on mobile apps would have an additional way of enjoying matches while still get more content from ESPN.

The partnership became a big leap for both firms since Overwatch League’s fans would now be able to watch the League’s action through Disney and ESPN channel. The partnership aimed to consolidate their fan base and thus create synergy to capture the growing live coverage platform. The partnership saw E-sports viewership rise from 58 million as of 2012 to reach over 100 million in 2017. The viewership is projected to hit 250 million by 2021.

After the deal was reached, the Overwatch League, the first E-sport’s championship that is based in a city became the first competitive sports challenge to be aired live on ESPN’s significant stations in primetime. The League became the first E-sports tournament to be broadcast on ABC.

5 Important Things to Research Before Buying a Computer

5 Important Things to Research Before Buying a Computer

Despite the fact that technology has allowed the growth of the use of smartphone and tablets. A computer is it a laptop or a desktop still plays a major role in our daily lives of technology. Every once in a while you might want to buy a new computer for the house or thinking of replacing the old one. There are things that you will need to consider when you want to acquire a computer and this will end up saving you valuable time and resources in the long run. Below are five things to research before buying a computer.

  1. Type of computer

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of computer. One of the things that you need to decide is whether you are going for a desktop or a laptop. You will realize that a desktop is always cheaper than a laptop simply because the latter has undergone a lot when it was being manufactured. You will also realize that desktops have also evolved in the recent years, unlike in the previous years the desktop is not only towers but also we have the monitors and desktop as one piece. It is very important for the user to figure out whether they will go for a desktop or a laptop.

  1. What is your budget?

This is another key thing that one has to factor when buying a computer. In the recent year, we have seen the different model, brands, and types of computers coming into the market. You will realize that they all come with different price tags. One big question that you have to ask yourself is. How much is your budget? The amount of money you are willing to spend is what will determine what computer you will get.

  1. Processor

One of the major advantages that the desktop has over the laptop is the ability to expand the memory. There are different computers on the market with different memory with 2GB being the lowest. They range from two gigabytes to sixteen gigabytes and even much more. What will determine the memory to go for is your usage.

  1. Operating system

The operating system is like the brain of the computer. It is what makes the computer run and doc all the amazing things that it is capable of. There are different types of the operating system from Mac to windows that work differently with a variety of computers. If you decide to go for an Apple brand, then you do not have a choice but purchase a Mac product.

  1. Storage Capacity

The storage here is the hard drive. This is where the brain and all the necessary information is stored. The storage that you will pick should be enough to store all the documentation and files that you intend to use. If the storage is not enough, then your computer will definitely not perform better than expected.


The above factors are some of the things that you will have to consider before buying a computer. It is advisable that you do your homework well and shop around or even online so as to get a computer that is worth your money.

A Student’s Guide To Data Back Up

If you are a student and have a lot of files on your computer, but you aren’t backing them up, then you will need to figure out how to do that. It is important that you keep all of your data backed up so that you won’t risk losing any of the data if something happens to your computer or another device. So, you should figure out the easiest way to do that. Use a student’s guide to data back up and you will figure this out quickly.

Figure Out How To Back It Up Online

You will want to start by backing up the data online because that is the simplest and easiest approach. And you can do that while you are away at school if you are staying in an apartment or at a dorm. Or, if you are still in high school, this is still a simple way to back up your data. Find a website where you can back everything up cheaply. And make sure that it is easy to do that so that you will keep everything constantly backed up.

Keep A Hard Drive For Your Back Up Needs

Not only does the internet work great for backing up your data, but a hard drive is a great item to have around, as well. So, buy a hard drive that has been made to be sturdy. Or, only do the hard drive back up when you are at home. Keep the hard drive safe so that no damage will come to it, or you will risk losing everything that you have stored on it. Keep it in a secure place and treat it with care always.

Everything Must Be Backed Up

You might think that there is some data that just doesn’t matter, and you might consider just letting things be because you aren’t too worried about losing it. But, the moment that you do lose it, you will wish that you would have backed it up. And it is good to not only back things up in one place, but to have two or more back up spots so that you know that your data is being protected at all times. It is important to keep it safe so that you won’t be worried about losing any of it.

Just because you are still a student doesn’t mean that you can be careless with something like your data. You should get it backed up soon so that you won’t worry about losing it. And you should figure out the way to back it up that will be the most convenient for you while you are in school. Do what you can now, and back it up in another place later so that it will for sure be safe.

Technological Advancements You Probably Didn’t Know About

Technology is very dynamic. Every day, new products with mind-boggling capabilities are being designed to help make life easier and more enjoyable. Some of this technological advancements might be too advanced that you might think they do not exist. I now present to you technological advancements you probably did not know about.

  1. Rotating Buildings

Think of this, living in a building that has each floor rotating at six meters every minute. You have a panoramic view of the outside in a 360-degree rotation. What is more, each level rotates independently from the others, meaning you can hop into a different floor whenever you want to get a closer view of something that passed your view while on a different storey.

  1. Brain-Controlled Computers

Ever imagined that there can be a computer that is controlled by your brainwaves? Well, scientists have now designed a computer that is run by the activity of your brainwaves. All you need to have is an implant inserted into your body, and you will be able to control the computer without using any mouse or a keyboard. Imagine what you can achieve through multitasking or even having to wake up and see what you were dreaming about at night!

  1. Self-powered Warm Clothing

Imagine of a cloth able to harness the energy you generate while walking and using the same to prevent you from freezing later on when it becomes cold. Well, this is now a reality. You do not have to carry along heavy clothes just because it might be cold in the afternoon. Just walk out in your self-heating T-shirt and pants, and you will feel more warmth than a jacket can provide.

Lunar Sleep Cover

There are those times when you cannot just find sleep. Worry no more since you can now get better sleep using lunar sleep cover. The smart cover can interpret your sleep cycle and regulate temperature in your bed to give you’re the perfect conditions for sleep.


Erascan is an eraser that keeps the memory of everything it has erased. You can thus maintain a record of your work without exhausting storage space in the gadget. What a fantastic device for use by teachers, students, scientists, and other people who have to keep records from the past.